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This Year's Entries Were REALLY UGLY!!!
(They Get UGLIER Every Year..)
Congratulations Jen & Jim (& Travis)
Couch # 112 Is The Ugliest Couch In The World
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"Ode To Couch 112"



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Needless to say, my mother prefers to sit on the right side of the couch while watching TV.

Thomas G.

Comment about this ugly couch: => #103



We moved to Florida and my husband wanted a Florida room we bought this couch second hand so I know one other person liked it.

Ft. Myers

Comment about this ugly couch: => #104



Art Damage Lodge (performance venue) Couch

Submission by 
Cincinnati Ohio

Comment about this ugly couch: => #105





This couch is comfy...its a big hit with everyone but its ugly. Please vote for my couch.

Karen M.

(As if this photo isn't ugly enough.. Karen sent close ups of this couch...OUCH!)

Comment about this ugly couch: => #107




please accept this as a contestant in your ugliest couch contest


Comment about this ugly couch: => #108





George also told us this couch is for sale.. The last time we checked, it was still available for you ugly couch lovers...the "artist" wants  $1800

Comment about this ugly couch: => #109


It was bought at a thrift store when we really needed a couch to sit on in our new apt. As usual the ugly couches are comfy!

Fremont, CA

Comment about this ugly couch: => #110



I have attached a picture of our ugly couch.  Please consider it for your ugly couch contest.  I hate this couch.


Comment about this ugly couch: => #111


For a close Up of my son's "Picasso."


Travis, my 2 year old had his first painting experience on our ever so lovely couch. Behind the cushion is ripped open and one of our cats fell in at one time so we try to keep a blanket up top. I vacuumed it for the photo. Please help us get a new couch, I would rather stand than sit on it.

Jen & Jim

Comment about this ugly couch: => #112



This is our couch. It is ugly. It was, once upon a time, a nice ivory color. Now, as you see, over time, this ivory color has adopted several hues and shades, as well as ink pen drawings of a 2 year old Monster-Boy. I did not buy this couch. My husband bought the couch before we were married, and I think he took his mommy shopping with him, and let her choose the color. Help me, please.

Comment about this ugly couch: => #113



Hi all,
Here is my entry for the ugly couch contest.
As the cushions were badly torn, we recently replaced the cushion and pillow covers with the nearest matching color we could get. But, apart from having different colors for cushion, it is also hard to hide the black zippers in the covers.
Thanks and All the BEST !!

Comment about this ugly couch: => #114


This couch was dropped off in our email by "John Wayne and Linda."
Well.. Good Luck Pilgrims...

Comment about this ugly couch: => #115



We bought our couch at a thrift store so it was already used when we got it. With a house full of cats and one dog, this couch looks worse then ever! We take care of a lot of stray and feral kitties so we try to cut corners wherever we can so we can put more money into taking care of homeless cats. Five hundred dollars would help us in so many ways!

Joshua, TX


My grandma has had this couch for over 70 years, i think its hideous, what do you think?

Temple. TX

Comment about this ugly couch: => #117


I am sending a picture of my horribly ugly couch.

Thank you.


Comment about this ugly couch: => #118


Now this is one UGLY couch...

Anonymous Entry
(I wouldn't attach my name to it either.)

Comment about this ugly couch: => #119

 This deserves a second look!


HI !!
We bought this couch about ten years ago at a thrift shop for $16. I think the picture says it all! 

New York

Comment about this ugly couch: => #120


I must say that I have a tired, worn & well used UGLY COUCH!  This is a hand me down and has been glued with a glue gun & sewed several times. Now we have to just cover it up.  It is a sofa bed and is not comfortable when it is folded up so, we put one of the back cushions and some temper pedic foam under it and are using a bed lounge pillow on it, in place of the back pillow.  It needs to really be put to rest.

Thank you,

Comment about this ugly couch: => #121


 My Ugly Couch.

~ Becky

Comment about this ugly couch: => #122


This rancid piece of chrome and polyester looks like it was found on the back set of That 70's Show but really lurks in the offices of a well-known Atlanta company...

Regards, Eric

Comment about this ugly couch: => #123


This has been our family couch for more than 30 years, my parents bought it in the 70's. It is absolutely hideous, not to mention uncomfortable! Please help us get a new couch!

Rolling Prairie, IN

Comment about this ugly couch: => #124


Trust me, this IS NOT my couch, but I found it on a website (someone was actually giving it away) and thought for sure it qualified!!  I don't know if that's allowed or not, but I wanted to send it to you anyway!


Comment about this ugly couch: => #125



A paragon of late 1970s design, this almost adequate couch will be sure to give spinal damage to even the fittest people. Every inch of the garish, hideous fabric shields a spike, point or lump, capable of ruining anyone's evening at home.


Comment about this ugly couch: => #126



My dog ate my couch!
What's their excuse?

Tiffany Virginia Beach

This deserves a closer look!

Comment about this ugly couch: => #127



We bought this couch off of an acquaintance. Therefore, it was in a used condition already, and we have lived on it for more than five years since then.
It is extremely uncomfortable, worn out and dirty. Please Help!!!


Comment about this ugly couch: => #128



We got this couch used from some friends 8 years age. I love this couch even though my hubby sits on it right from work (where he makes smokers) and gets it grimier then it was. Dogs have made it their home Its a sectional and it has 2 loungers in and a sofa bed, neither have worked in years, it was a pretty shade of gray now its dark gray and black

Nahunta, GA

Comment about this ugly couch: => #129


OLD & UGLY... bright orange, brown, &yello pastels with very short legs. this couch is 9 ft long. it will sit 6 comfortable on it.

Middleburg, FL

Comment about this ugly couch: => #130


This queen size sofa bed was given to us by my boyfriend's boss. If you look carefully, you can actually see birds and insects that are a part of the design. I think it's the most hideous thing I've ever seen, but it's better than sitting on the floor. It spends it's days covered with a blanket.

Tampa, FL

Comment about this ugly couch: => #131



Our couch is as uncomfortable as it is ugly. It was retrieved from someone's trash in the late 70's and remains at my family's summer cabin to this day. The pull-out bed portion is just as ugly and just as uncomfortable.

Las Vegas, NV

Comment about this ugly couch: => #132


My husband bought this ugly 70's style earth tone striped sofa bed 13 years ago and we still use it to this day. He loves it, I hate it.

Las Vegas, NV

Comment about this ugly couch: => #133



Here is a photo of my ugly couch.  At least my girl friend says it's ugly.  She's making me get rid of it.
This couch resides in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
Thank you,


Comment about this ugly couch: => #134


I have quite an ugly couch. It comes from the lobby of NASA

Originally, circa 1980.


Comment about this ugly couch: => #135


Ugliest couch ever. They sure are a conversation starter when people come over to the house though. Red, yellow, blue, quilt-like pattern with blue "fringe" along the bottom. Eeeek!
Pompano Beach, Florida

WARNING: Close Up Of Quilt Pattern.=> CLICK HERE

Comment about this ugly couch: => #136



    This couch has a long and icky history. It has been in my family for 15, maybe even 20 years. It started out as a sleeper sofa; it is now maybe a loveseat. It has had diapers changed on it and drool left by young children. 
    The mattress has been replaced with a crib mattress and pieces of wood cut to keep the seat cushions at the level they should be at for seating. 
    The green blanket is an effort to keep the food stains and various other stains hidden. The color and pattern is not so bad, its history of use is what makes it a truly ugly couch.  
    Did I mention the smell?? Sadly, it is still in my living room today.

Groton, CT

Comment about this ugly couch: => #137


It's an ugly, out of style plaid that doesn't go with the style it's made in. It is also too dark for the paneling in our living room.

Skipperville, AL

Comment about this ugly couch: => #138


Jeff has owned this couch since college.... and he's 33!!!

Houston, TX

Comment about this ugly couch: => #139


my couch has the most horrible pattern and is bright orange it is in dire need of a new colour!!!!

Perth, WA

Comment about this ugly couch: => #140



This avocado, gold and orange number is as uncomfortable as it is ugly. While it may have been built in 1966 to comfortably seat three, not even one person is willing to sit on it today. The one brave soul who has slept on it in the past 10 years woke up with a terrible backache and Vietnam flashbacks. We suspect they vomited a little that night, but we really can’t tell. Save our décor and our dignity – VOTE FOR OUR UGLY COUCH!!!

Dan & Lauren
Fleming Island, Florida



Here is our ugly couch and we have the chair to match, this was given to us when we needed furniture. It's an antique and we want to keep it but the  fabric! OMG! HELP US.

Jacksonville, FL

Comment about this ugly couch: => #142



My daughter had spilled milk on the back cushion and the stuffing is not in any kind of liner so I decided the best way to get it clean was to stick the entire cushion in our front load washer. Needless to say, it didn't turn out how I would have expected it to.

Grand Prairie, TX

Comment about this ugly couch: => #143



This atrocity has been in my family for over 30 years. It is absolutely indestructible, uncomfortable (the cushion material feels like fiberglass), and so ugly I decided to "dress" it up with leopard-print pillows. But they didn't help. If nothing else, this sofa can serve as proof that the Early American decor fad of the 1970's deserved to die as much as disco.

Atascadero, CA

Comment about this ugly couch: => #144



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